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What should I expect when I come to visit?

Trinity Lutheran Church is an open and inclusive church, 

welcoming ALL who seek God.


Who is welcome at your church?

When we say we welcome ALL, we mean it. We welcome all of our brothers and sisters in Christ, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, economic status, marital status, or age. We welcome believers and questioners. We believe it is okay to struggle with your faith. Wherever you are in your spiritual life, you are welcome at Trinity. This is a place where you can celebrate and mourn, rejoice and recover; this is a place where lives are made new.


What should I wear to church?

Wear what makes you comfortable. People dress in everything from blue jeans to business suits. We welcome you as you are.


Where do I go when I get to your church?

We have a parking lot behind our building off of Lakeview Court. Follow the signs on Griswold Street to point you there. Most people enter the church (the white building) from the parking lot entrance. If you prefer, or if you are running late for worship, it may be better to enter from the Griswold St. entrance. Either way, we are glad you have come to visit us.


How do I follow the worship service?

Upon entering the church, an usher will greet you and provide you with a bulletin. Our bulletin provides what you need to follow along in worship. Our hymnal (red book) provides additional music used in worship. If you ever find yourself lost in worship, ask a neighbor or one of the ushers. We will gladly help you participate in worship.


Can I receive Holy Communion?

Yes. We offer Holy Communion at every Sunday service. All who are baptized or anyone seeking the presence of Christ is welcome to receive. Communion instructions are listed in the Sunday bulletin. Bread is Gluten Free and wine are the traditional elements used in the sacrament. Grape juice is available at our 9:30 a.m. worship and at special worship services.


What about my children?

Trinity Lutheran Church encourages all children to participate in worship. They learn more about worship by being a part of it. Encourage your child to sing or pray with you, even if they don't know the words. We have crayons and activity pages available for your children as well. We know that children sometimes make noise, and we welcome their joyful voices. If you or your children need a break during worship, a nursery is available in the church basement and is accessible from either stairway. The nursery is self-service.


I'm visiting on a weekday during office hours. How do I get in?

There is a doorbell for the church office near the parking lot door. Ring the bell, and someone from the church office will be able to assist you.






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